DeepStones: The Healing Power Of Stones

I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely Marie from DeepStones!  Based in Toulouse (France) she crafts bracelets made of gemstones. They are beautiful pieces of jewelry and the stones have also different benefits and healing properties. I got myself one bracelet made of amethyst, one of my favorite stones, she has a wide range of choices and take customized requests. This is not a sponsored post, I’m genuinely passionate about her creations (for both men and women), and I highly recommend checking out the various healing benefits of crystals and gemstones if you’re not familiar with them. Marie is a beautiful soul with a lot of wisdom, please have a look at our interview below and make sure you follow her on Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, Etsy Store! 

Hi Marie, Could you introduce yourself to our readers. What’s your story? How did you make your way into the world of gemstones jewelry? 

Charlotte, Thanks so much for having me! I greatly relate to the values of LIFT ME UP, expressing these values of joy by sharing inspiring stories and life experiences. I love the idea that every experience in life, good or bad, is a source of self-growth and shape the loving, compassionate and wise person that we are today.

The story behind DeepStones stems from one of the darkest times that sometimes life holds in store for us: the illness of a beautiful and sweet person, very dear to my heart, who sadly passed away. My best friend who was raised in the world of lithotherapy knew the situation and offered me a beautiful labradorite ‘You will see it will help you’. I’m more of a logical person, I was skeptical and it blew me away!

Labradorite is the stone for therapists and helpers. Very protective, it absorbs and clears the negative energies, the aches and pains of others while keeping emotional stability. And during this anxious time, it was so helpful!

What’s the process of creation in such a work? 

I’m sensitive to the beauty of gemstones, their energies, the harmony between them, the pleasure of jewelry and the joy of delivering well-being. All these factors naturally come into consideration in the creative process. Occasionally and more and more often, I do take customized inquiries. I think about the person who’s going to wear the bracelet, their expectations, how they want to feel. Listening is a crucial step.

And I’m a big dreamer, I’m always working on my curiosity as if it was a precious garden.. a song, a scent, a beautiful photograph, longing for travel – I always want to take my backpack and go, reach out to others, find out about their differences to discover a new culture. Everything nourishes me! 

What are your gemstones of preference? 

Labradorite for sure, it’s the DeepStones’ signature stone! Moonstone is beautiful and interesting in everything related to womanhood, Larimar is a wonderful lagoon. Protectives, soothing, energizing, I’m drawn to all of them. Gemstones hold a lot of seductive power!

For those reading us, who would like to use gemstones to soothe their physical and spiritual aches: What advice could you give them and what benefits can it have?

Lithotherapy is a holistic and ancestral approach for health and wellness. It doesn’t replace traditional medicine. Gemstones have an effect on the energetic environment. Vibrations which emanate from stones are tailored to their specificities and varies depending of their colors and composition. They take effect in harmony with our own energy, improving our well-being. As part of the creative process, I believe we are here to support the physical and emotional levels by slowly sharing vibrations that will rebalance our own energetic field. 

Your art is used as a vehicle for well-being, according to you, what can we do to lift others up?

No matter the events in our life, it is essential to cultivate our joy and be aware of others. The lithotherapy stands by this philosophy. Good energies, a positive and simple way to look at life. This approach lies at the heart of this way of life where personal fulfillment, harmony between mind & body, compassionate and caring for others and the respect of earth nourishes its inwardness. That’s the spirit behind DeepStones! 


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