Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try

This is a bit of a motto for me. I bet you know this concept of “comfort zone”, that safe place where nothing really exciting happens but where you get bored with routine stuff and a very low level of risk and challenges. Well I’m sorry but this is literally the place where your growth stagnates and where your potential slowly starts going to waste.

Don’t go climb the Himalayas or move continents right away; things don’t happen overnight – for most people, but things don’t happen by magic either. No one can do the job for you and make your own decisions; but if you keep postponing, the time will just never come and this is what we call regret.

There is nothing like the “right time”, we live here and now. If there is something you have always wanted to do and if you start taking small steps in that direction, I swear the universe will support you. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, but it’s always better to try and do something you love, get involved in a project or activity that gives you energy and enthusiasm (work-related or not) than just settle for something that doesn’t make you happy anymore.

If you feel you can do more, explore and experience other things, then what is stopping you? We can and should always make time for whatever lights a spark in us, whatever moves us and gives us a sense of purpose. We set our own goals, but we set our own limits as well. You never know what’s on the other side of fear and of your own misbeliefs; you may as well find some really amazing and life-changing people and places!

From my experience, the unknown is actually much less scary when we embrace it. In some formal circumstances I tend to build walls between myself and people who impress me or have a lot of charisma, or even to freak out when I have to approach someone for the first time and ask something; but turns out that more often than not, I realize that these people are human beings just like me and once you engage with them, you slowly feel that there was nothing to be scared of in the first place.

It takes just one step, that step that makes the difference and deconstructs the misconception and myth around that person or group of people. Same goes when you try a new activity or go to a new place; we all have a lot of mental representations but it’s only when we actually experience it and see it that we can start to feel comfortable with it, build our new reality around it and grow from there, one step at a time.

Article written by Géraldine Perroud. Born in France and now based in Toronto, Géraldine is an inspiration seeker, language lover and challenge maker who is driven by passion to make a meaningful impact. You can follow her posts on Instagram by clicking here.

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