Open Letter to those who feel stuck

Do you ever feel like an uncooked spaghetti noodle? 

Constantly throwing ideas, programs, hacks, tips, at a wall and nothing is sticking, so you go back to the test kitchen in hopes of finding your next aha, your next moment of what you should do.

Of how you should feel, of where you should go, of how you should act.

They begin to pile on top of each other and you don’t know how to get out. You’ve tried everything. You’ve searched high and low and continuously are pouring in the effort. Pouring in your heart.

… And all you hear is crickets. 

The lone symphony of something that isn’t yours. The casual reminder that you are not where you would like to be. That you are not with the person, career, or place at the level you want.

Fear bubbles in your stomach as you wonder, when will it be my turn?

The problem is is that we listen so much to everyone around us. Hoping they will have the magic fix. The magic glue to stick everything you desire together. 

You have to listen to yourself. To drown out the noise that easily clutters the mind into one of a hoarder. 

It is easy to get lost in it. To not trust in it. To not trust your path. To be wary of what you hold. About what you bring to the table.

But really, it is an opportunity for yourself to take a step back. To analyze, to see the lessons, to do the unsexy work, to view your triggers, to allow yourself to simply be. 

You will probably want to give up. To question why in the heck did you start this path. Why you ‘woke up’ and didn’t choose the ‘easier’ way. 

Allow yourself to take a seat and observe the lessons. Observe what has worked, what hasn’t and give yourself the freedom to choose peace. To choose acceptance of what is or what isn’t. 

And allow yourself to feel it fully.

Ultimately, there is no curtain. There is no shining moment when you go, “AHA I HAVE FOUND IT!” I wish it was easy as that, but rather it is a culmination of moments. 

Of consistency

Of showing up for yourself in the great and hard moments. 

It is forgiving yourself.

It is being alone in the stillness of yourself.

That is where the magic lies. 

That is where you discover the magic that lives within that you have been too scared to uncover. 

Lost is just a new way for you to find yourself. A redirection to where you are going.

In this search, this quest to find ourselves, our place, our purpose, our person, is just a time for you to heal, to create, and RECONNECT with yourself on a much deeper level.


This open letter was written by Elizabeth Catherine. She empowers women to step into their authenticity + worth with the Akashic Records, tasty vegan recipes & spiritual healing!


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