Why the road to success is paved with failure

At first, we want something so much and work so hard to try to get it that when we fail to reach the goal we had set, we tend to lose self-confidence and sense of self-worth. Some people and situations may even be very rude and demoralizing. But hold on: consider these as stepping stones, events that will guide you towards what is right and feels good for you. If you were stressed and anxious about it in the first place, then you were probably already forcing yourself to fit into the wrong mould.

Always keep in mind that whatever doesn’t work out, means that there is something better out there. You will then be thankful for the people who treated you badly and the awkward moments when you didn’t feel comfortable or were under the impression that you had nothing to offer to a company, to someone, to this world. You do have special skill sets and talents to be proud of, that other people will never have and trust me, when you will be in the right spot you will know it and feel it with all your gut.

I believe anyone can be a leader; anyone can be highly successful; anyone has a voice to be heard if they are in a context that fits their personality, if they are surrounded by people who trust and empower them and if they are given the opportunities and tools to do what they know best. It doesn’t matter where you are from, how introvert or extrovert you are, if you have a master’s degree or didn’t finish high school. There are as many talents as there are human beings; we all have a unique path, a unique story and we are all interconnected.

We need to capitalize on the diversity, the strengths and the weaknesses of everyone to work together. Your neighbour or your coworker is not your competitor, it’s a person that you can help grow or who could help you grow yourself, each in your own way. I got so sick of comparison and fierce competition in my own circle that I would like everyone to understand that at the end of the day and in the grand scheme of things, what makes you a “better person” or is the “best measure of success” is how you treat other people, how you inspire or empower them – not how much money you make, how many degrees you earn or where you stand in an organizational chart.

Article written by Géraldine Perroud. Born in France and now based in Toronto, Géraldine is an inspiration seeker, language lover and challenge maker who is driven by passion to make a meaningful impact. You can follow her posts on Instagram by clicking here.

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