WILDWOMAN Subscription Box


“What if we could be a little more kind to ourselves?

What if we could slow down, even just for an hour or two every month?

What if we could create deep connections with likeminded women across the world?

That would be pretty magical wouldn’t it?”


WILDWOMAN is a monthly subscription box curated for women by a book lover: Donna Louise.

Featured on Forbes.com, this box is one of a kind and encourages us to reconnect with ourselves with an inspiring book and some amazing goodies handpicked by Donna. WILDWOMAN is a subscription box for every woman who cares about her wellbeing and strives to live the best life possible.

I’ve received two boxes and was not disappointed at all, I highly recommend subscribing: it’s the perfect box you’d like to slow down, rest and take care of yourself.

Check out their official website: https://www.iamawildwoman.com

*This isn’t a sponsored post and only reflects my personal recommendations.

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