10 ways to make a positive impact in today’s society

We often wonder how we can make the world a better place, we believe we need to “become” someone to have an impact on people’s lives but that is simply not true. We can all play a big or small role in the life of others and brighten up their day. When I was in Toronto, I gave myself a challenge that I would start a conversation with at least one stranger every day.

As some of you may know I spent the month of July in Canada It was the first time that I travelled on my own (this far) and it was a great opportunity for me to open up and discover the habits and culture of Canadian people. I found out that by opening up to strangers you get to know parts of yourself you never know existed. I realized that there’s something magical about meeting people in random places. You learn from each other you truly enjoy the conversation even when you know they’re not gonna stick around. They come into your life for a short period of time, but you go back home with more knowledges and wisdom than before.

During my stay in Canada, I met people from all around the world, I learned more about Chili, Mexico, Italy.. I asked a stranger if I could have lunch with her, she ended up encouraging me to travel the world on my own. I met a lady in a park who became my guide for the day and showed me all Downtown Toronto. I spoke with people on the plane – they were kind enough to give me some of the best pieces of advise for my business. Through all these conversations I got to learn more about people’s stories, beliefs and dreams and it was such a rewarding experience: We’re not that much different after all.

Everybody has a story, every story is worth knowing.  So what can you do today to make a positive impact in today’s society. You have to understand that it starts with you NOW.

Here are 10 small acts of kindness towards others you can do on a daily basis.

  1. Smile at strangers wherever you go! 
  2. Compliment strangers on something you you genuinely like about them  
  3. Start a conversation with someone sitting next to you in the subway, in the park… 
  4. Ask for help if you need it (asking for directions led me to some great conversations!) people love being useful 
  5. Say Thank you!  Sometimes we forget how important it is to thank people!  
  6. Leave notes of kindness wherever you go. (mail boxes, public transports..) 
  7. Be curious! Ask people about their passion. In Toronto, I just loved seeing people draw or create. It’s something unique to pursue your passion, they need to know that having a gift is special
  8. Ask someone about their day, and if you can ask, them about their story!  
  9. Email someone you know and tell them why they are awesome and why you care about them 
  10. Do your research and email 3 people who are making a positive change (if you love their company, blog etc..) 

You never know who needs it, if you’re ready to take up that challenge, I wanna know your story tweet me  @thisisliftmeup

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