LIFT ME UP Letters

By sharing the lessons learned along the way, we can plan seeds of hope in the hearts of others.

I’m so excited to reveal this new project ‘LIFT ME UP exchanges’ it is the sequel and expansion of my ‘LIFT ME UP Letters’. It’s been an incredible experience, writing and sending out over 150 letters to people around the world. Your stories really moved me, we crave for connection, and deeper connection comes from shared experiences and challenges. I wanted to launch the ‘LIFT ME UP exchanges’ to allow you to connect with other people who GET YOU.

With this project, you will be able to:

– Become a ‘Life Lifter’ and share your wisdom with people who are currently going through something you managed to overcome

– You can also connect with a ‘support friend’: someone who’s going through the same challenges as you are, you will be able to support and inspire each other along the way.

Exchanges are done via email or by post if you wanna keep the concept of writing a letter (both options are possible). You can access the questionnaire by joining the private Facebook group: LIFT ME UP INTERNATIONAL. Also, You will receive the form if you join the newsletter (that you can find here).

Once you completed the form, I will connect you with your ‘Life Lifter’ or your ‘Support Friend’
Thank you all so much!