Pain is an invitation to grow

Pain is inevitable. Pain invites itself in all of our lives at one point or another. It comes in different forms: anger, fear, worry… Even though sometimes it’s hard, I’m starting to consider pain as an invitation to grow and I encourage you to do the same.

These painful experiences act as roadsigns on our journey to give us a hint of what’s best for us, that perhaps we’re experiencing pain because we’re not aligned with our purpose and with what we really want out of this life. 

We often look at pain as something horrific, something we should avoid at all costs when really, what we need to do is look at pain as an indicator: when you’re experiencing stress, ask yourself. Why am I stressed out, What needs to change in my life? What beliefs shall I challenge? Do I need to slow things down to really understand what’s best for me? Most of the time, nothing has to change but being aware of the pain and the lesson behind it help us in countless ways.

We get answers, when we sit in silence with our emotions. Believe me you will feel that something is shifting in you and you will know that:

No matter what happens, I’m going to be okay. This life is mine, all I need to do is slow down, take notice and let the pain become the strength that guides me.

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