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Today I’m excited to reveal my interview with the amazing BC Serna, our Change-maker of the week. He’s a talented filmmaker, mentor, youth speaker and the host of ‘The Pursuing Purpose Podcast’. BC Serna is a genuine soul with a big heart. He’s making a difference in the world, exuding positivity in everything that he does. If you don’t follow him on Social Media, make sure you do, he’s always sharing nuggets of wisdom that are thought-provoking and resonate with thousands of people worldwide. I’m so honored to feature him on LIFT ME UP as he just came back from Switzerland for his program, Mentorship Mastermind!


BC, Thanks so much for your time. We’re honored to have you as our ’Changemaker of the week’. Where does this interview find you today, what have you been up to? Thank you so much for having me on! Love what you all are about! I’m currently in Switzerland taking around high schoolers for one of our heart-led leadership programs!


You’ve traveled throughout Asia, Africa, South America and more recently Europe. Could you please tell us a bit more about these travel experiences. What valuable lessons have they taught you? Traveling has been a great gift and teacher for myself. In so many ways it’s allowed me to peak into how humans experience life differently and how the world is engulfed with such richness in diversity and culture. Living with local host families while traveling has always been the ultimate highlight for me.


You’re connecting with strangers wherever you go, let it be through social media or during your travels with non-profit organizations. How can ‘connecting’ with others show us that we matter and ultimately help us find our true path? Yeah, by far more than the food or experience, or culture, or monuments, the people will always be the greatest piece of a place I get to visit! I’ve learned that no matter where we’re from or our beliefs or language we wrestle with the same questions and desires to love and be loved and have a greatest gift and cause to the world.


You’re the founder of the mentorship mastermind program that helps people to tap into their full potential to make a difference in the world. What led you to build this platform? It was truly built for the younger version of myself. I turned 30 with such a huge gratitude for so many of my goals and dreams coming true but for most of my 20’s I felt alone and lost on how to achieve and reach my goals and where to even start. So it came from a huge theme I live by which has always been “Be the person you wish you had growing up.” and from there thankfully people resonated and connected with it!


Would you say that our generation is now yearning for more connection and purpose in their life? Yeah totally, we are able to taste so many different options and choices in life and we can now see where people come most alive and are inspired more by the heart behind things than so much of the head and logic. I think young people want to calm their anxiety of comparison with their potential in their purpose and live for something more than themselves.


You’re the host of the ‘Pursuing Purpose Podcast’. What are the first steps you’d recommend to anyone trying to find their purpose?

I believe your purpose is birthed from your pain and struggle so really taking a good look at your life and where it’s been the hardest or even just where you heart and mind wander while you’re dreaming of your goals. There are so many moving pieces to your purpose and it’ll probably always be evolving and changing in different ways but when you can heal from your past or pain then you can lean into leading and loving others well and find some freedom in that.

How can we all make an impact and become the heart-led leaders of tomorrow?  and lastly, what can we do to lift others up?


As you chase your own personal goals and passions that’s great, but while you’re doing that or waiting to find yours look around at others and see where and how you can help them with theirs.

I helped friends with their goals and projects for so long and always questioned when my “thing” or “project” would emerge but with tons of patience it finally did years later and when it did friends were in line to help because I helped them when they needed it! Basically try to help others more than yourself and beautiful things will begin to happen!

Love isn’t logical so continue going out of your way to bless others!

Feel free to check out his official website: http://www.bcserna.com

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