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I’m excited to introduce you to Ben Harris, founder of the Goalink community & host of the Goalink podcast. Ben challenges you each week to be the best version of yourself. These challenges range from kind acts, journaling, cold showers, waking up at 5am, meditation, running a mile every day, and much more. I love his podcast that you can check out here, he interviews achievers from the world, highlighting the process instead of the result and that is refreshing!

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Hi Ben, Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. You’re the founder of the Goalink community and host of the Goalink show podcast. What’s your story, do you remember the ‘lightbulb moment’ that led you to create ‘Goalink’?

There was not one light bulb moment per se, but a dimmer switch to slowly increase the brightness of the light bulb. That light bulb idea is continually getting brighter and brighter as Goalink grows and expands.

The initial moment is when I graduated college. I had always had something greater I was working toward. I realized that I had no one telling me what to learn or what boxes to check anymore. I made a goal to read one book per month.

After graduating college, your best friend was your ‘your accountability partner’ for your goals. Can you please explain this concept? how much of an impact did it have on your journey towards success?

This is how the idea of an accountability partner came to be. The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy was the first book I read after setting this goal. He discusses the idea of working with a trusted source to help hold you accountable in your goals. I told my friend Connor about the idea and he was totally up for it. We would speak every Sunday to make new goals and recap on the previous week. We would make 2-3 attainable tasks each week.
It helped me realize that whether it’s one person or an entire community, they can help inspire you to achieve your goals. And it’s not just achieving goals, it’s accepting yourself, learning new things, how to feel better physically, be more productive, and how to be a kind human. We take a holistic approach to our challenges, ensuring we focus on mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects of life.
This is the moment when I realized I want to do something bigger with accountability and goal setting.
Your podcast is amazing! I love the fact you talk about the process not just the result. What are the greatest lessons that you have learned from challenges and failure?

I’m so happy you love the podcast! I love it too haha. The greatest lesson recently has been to let go of control. The more I try to control someone or something, the more I am controlled. It does the opposite of what I’m trying to do. I learned this (and am still learning) from a gut wrenching heartbreak. I’ve learned SO MUCH from it. It may sound odd, but I’m grateful for the pain.

How can we share our goals, encourage and challenge each other without falling into the comparison trap?

We can avoid the comparison trap by not comparing ourselves to others. Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today.
Another way is to celebrate the success and joy of others. That has helped me a lot.
In your opinion, what can we do to lift others up?
We can lift each other up by being the best us. Focus on you first. Fill your own cup and let the overflow spill into other cups.
The most selfless thing we can do is to be selfish. Get your mind right. Get your heart right. Get your body and soul right.
I do this every morning with meditation, gratitude, journaling, exercise, tea, a smoothie, and a cold shower. After that, I am ready to serve others with all of my intention.
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