Q&A with best-selling author Amy B. Scher

AMY B. SCHER  is a teacher, energy therapist and best-selling author of How to Heal Yourself from Anxiety,  How to Heal Yourself When No One Else Can and This Is How I Save My Life.  

Her journey to reclaim her health has inspired thousands of people around the world. She’s now sharing her wisdom and all the knowledges she has acquired along the way to help other people overcome their own struggles. I had the opportunity to ask her a few questions about her story and I’m so pleased to share them with you!

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Hi Amy – You’re an energy therapist and a best selling author of three well-received books. Your work has helped and inspired thousands of people around the world. Would you mind sharing your story with our readers?

My story starts much like many people’s stories – where I was sick and struggling for years with missed diagnosis. I was finally properly diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2007. By that time, I was in bad shape – brain lesions, arthritis, allergies, nerve damage, and more. But I thought since I had a diagnosis, things would be easy. I found out differently. I did all the latest and greatest treatments, including an experimental stem cell treatment in India. That final one really helped; but about a year later I relapsed. That’s when I was out of money, ideas, and hope. It was then though that I turned inward and realized there was much more to healing than treating the physical body. When I started exploring energy therapy and using it to heal my emotional self, everything changed. I’ve been totally well now for almost ten years.

In your memoir ‘This Is How I Save My Life’ you tell us more about how you embarked on a journey to India to reclaim your health. At what point did you feel in your gut it was time to advocate for your health and fight for a cure?

I had always advocated for my health, even from my first symptoms. But I think each opportunity with a new doctor or treatment or idea gives us another way of looking at things and realizing how we need to show up for ourselves. The way I felt I did this when I went to India was to truly follow my gut and shut out all the other opinions around me about why going to India was not a good idea.

Looking back, what have been your strongest realizations when it comes to healing?

That in order to heal, you have to be who you really are — which includes letting go of patterns like perfectionism, being self-critical, and people pleasing. All of those block our happiness and our true selves. And the body cannot be fully healthy until we are inside, too.

May is Lyme Awareness Month. Anyone that has ever suffered from lyme knows how debilitating and isolating it can be. If you were to talk to the relatives of someone who has just been diagnosed with lyme disease, what would you tell them?

I would tell them to be willing to learn. But to be honest, there are some people who will just never be the loving supportive family member that someone struggling needs. So instead of talking to a family member, I would tell the person experiencing Lyme – some people will never get it; and it is so much healthier to come to as much peace about that within yourself as you can. That’s being empowered.

If you could write an open letter to your younger self, what would you say?

Don’t be so hard on yourself. That’s it.

In your opinion, what can we do to lift others up?

We can share, speak our truths, and show each other that we’re all okay even when we’re not.


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