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I’ve had the opportunity to chat with Joanna Waterfall, founder of Yellow.co, an organization that empowers women to use their skills to make the world a better place. The Yellow Conference is happening this week in Los Angeles (August 22nd-23rd) Make sure you grab your ticket here, they have incredible speakers this year I wish I could go! Follow Joanna Waterfall on Social Media: Instagram & Twitter

Hi Joanna, you’re the founder of Yellow.co, an organization that empowers women to use their skills to change the world. What led you to create this community of like-minded women?

I was very selfish when first starting Yellow… I wanted to create a space that I myself would feel welcome and excited about. A place where purposeful, creative entrepreneurs could hear from women who were a few steps ahead of them, already making waves of good in the world. My background is in graphic design and digital media. I ran my own graphic design company for years. I was always looking for ways to bring more purpose into my work, but was never sure how to make that happen. I figured surrounding myself with women who wanted the same thing would be a good step for me. It was totally selfish!

What advice would you give to any female entrepreneurs/creatives looking to turn their passion into business?
First, ask yourself if that’s really what you want to do. Do you really want to turn your passion into a business? Not everyone is cut out to be a business owner, and that’s ok! Doesn’t mean you can’t still do what you were called to do. Passion actually means “what are you willing to suffer for” so ask yourself, are you willing to suffer for this cause? What’s the best way for me to live this out? Is it working for myself or working for someone else? Volunteering? What does it look like? Experiment and just take small steps forward. You can’t steer a parked car so the only way to figure it out is to start driving. Embrace the mess of it all and focus on what you’re learning along the way- there’s no end destination- there is no “arrival”.
The notion of ‘connection’ is a key component on Yellow.co, would you say that connecting with other women/social support is essential to move towards our goals?
Connecting with people, in general, is so important when you’re moving towards goals! It’s especially powerful when women come together to help each other. I would say it’s a dangerous place to be when you’re focusing on connecting with others just to accomplish your own goals. That’s definitely part of it, but if we go into relationships and connection focused on our own desires, we fuel the same catty girl on girl competition that has existed for so long. Change the mindset to “how can you help me achieve my goals” to “how can I genuinely connect with and help this woman thrive?” When we can look outside ourselves and ask ourselves what we can do for others, that’s when the female relationship culture changes.
The Yellow Conference will take place in Los Angeles this month (August 22-23rd). Can you tell us a bit more about this event, what can we expect? 
The Yellow Conference gathers together women from all over the world under one umbrella- to make the world a better place. We have some AMAZING speakers this year, a live podcast recording, awesome breakout sessions, a do-good goods marketplace, interactions and more. It’s gonna be so good!
In your opinion, what can we do to lift others up? 
See people. Pay attention and vocally call out the good in others. We all want to be seen.
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