What If You Have More Than One Passion?

Are you the type of person that gets so excited about a new project/ a new job? You pour all your energy into it then at some point you get bored and don’t really see this passion as challenging and you resign yourself to let it go?

Have you ever felt like you were not ‘normal’ for not being able to choose between two passions that maybe, unlike other people in your family, ‘something was wrong with you’. 

I totally get you. I’ve been feeling that way too, until I recently discovered the concept of ‘multipotentiality’, it’s actually an asset to be a multipotentialite. I personally have this hunger for learning and learning is in itself a joy and bring me so much fulfillment. 

I don’t believe we have been put on this earth for just one purpose. We can try out different things and that’s okay if we don’t stick to one, we can pursue multiple passions. We’re so enthusiastic and passionate about life and what it has to offer. 

When I started working as a Freelance (from 18 to 24 year-old) I was booking shows around the world for artists, I booked and sold out tours around Europe and I’m so proud of what I’ve managed to achieve but then I got to a point where it was making me more anxious than passionate, I was just bored at doing it and didn’t see the excitement anymore. It was so hard for me to let it go because I had worked so hard to get this far, I felt like I was given up on my dream, but that wasn’t the case. 

I finally understood that it’s okay to pursue another dream. I believe the thing that people that are in my case struggle the most with (correct me if I’m wrong) is social pressure.

Society wants to put us in a box, with a label ‘you’re a lawyer, you’re an entrepreneur’ but we cannot be both. Why should we make a choice? It’s okay to be that way. In hindsight, I see this face of my personality as a strong asset and I know that whatever I do, I will find ways to learn more and find meaning in what I do.

Isn’t life an exciting journey to be on?

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